Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
Trail Conditions

March 20: Trails are closed with day temps melting the base at crossings and low lying areas.

March 2:  Trails are open with the snow that fell last night and this morning.  Expect spring conditions like water holes in low areas and possible downed trees from the heavy snow.  Some areas have deep snow so be prepared and at this time it is too warm to roll out the groomers.  Ride to the right of the trail to avoid oncoming traffic and use Caution for the unexpected.  The short cut to Cohocton is still closed from our last post below.

Jan 20 2018: Trails are closed as of 1:00 PM due to warm temps.  There is also an issue off our main trail with a landowner from people riding from Loon Lake area toward Cohocton.  That redneck trail is closed for the rest of the season.  Someone hit a fence and left sled parts all over the non-trail.  Thanks to the inconsiderate rider, now our main trail may be closed in that area or we have to find a re-route in the middle of the season. 

Jan 13 2018:  Trails are open.  Both groomers are out today grooming the trails.  Yield right of way to them, it is the law.  With the rain that fell prior to the snow, and the melting the previous few days, expect water holes to be present in low lying areas.  Right with Caution and right on the right side of the trail to avoid on coming traffic.  Be safe and have fun.

 Trails are Closed.  
This page was last updated: March 21, 2018
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