Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
Trail Conditions

1/23/19:  Trails are closed due to the rain we are getting.

1/20/19: We have been notified there is logging in the last woods before the intersection with Bath Trail C2.  Trees may be blocking the trail.  We will try to resolve the issue on Monday.

1/19/19: 10:49 PM  Trails are finally open.  Use cations as the groomers are not out and the fields may be rough.  Groomers will be out on Monday to pack the whole trail.  One groomer will be out on Sunday to move from Atlanta to Loon Lake to re-locate for the winter season.  I do not expect conditions to be smooth until Monday evening.

1/16/19:  Trails are closed until we get snow.  Even with the possible snow coming this weekend, trails may not be great until groomers get out.  Expect rough conditions and many farm fields of tire ruts in them from the very wet fall we had, making it even more important to RIDE BETWEEN THE STAKES.

Trails are Closed!
This page was last updated: January 23, 2019
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2019 Trail Changes to note:

​C3 near Pardee Hollow Rd is been straightened

C3 between Pardee Hollow & RT21 follows field edges

C3 behind Gunlocke Co has alternate trail marked if wet

C3 past I390, corner of CR92 & Old Rt15, stay away from pond

C3 junction of CR92 & Emo Rd move toward Wayland end of same field.  Cross CR92 to continue trail toward Arkport.  Stay away from white house on corner.  Orange fences installed.

S30 to Laf-a-Lot lengthened to accommodate above junction change.

New Secondary trail to Cohocton installed which ends near Exit 2 of I390.  Stay between the stakes or you will loose this trail.