Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...
About Us

Quad County Snowmobile Club was formed 23 years ago to develop a marked trail system in Allegheny, Livingston, Ontario and Steuben Counties in Western New York State.   In 1996, we became incorporated as a non-profit organization and have over 60 members.  In 2008 our application for membership in the New York State Snowmobile Association was accepted.  We now enjoy the benefits that come with this membership.  It is our goal, along with developing trails, to improve  public relations, increase safety awareness and help make snowmobiling a safer winter pastime.  As a club, we have sponsored Youth Safety Courses and other events.  We seek to promote this winter activity as a family sport and feel snowmobiling is an excellent means of teaching our youth responsibility, respect for others and having an appreciation for nature and the environment.  

As with any leisure activity, challenges will arise that take hard work and cooperation to overcome.  Most of the trails local riders use in our area have been ridden for many years.  We seek from landowners permission to access their property and mark trails, which will enable us to provide landowners with a $2,000,000 Insurance Policy.  Other clubs, whether in New York, Maine or Wisconsin, have found that when landowner permission is granted, the trails are properly signed and maintained.  Snowmobilers are also more willing to comply and police their own, in reference to the state and local rules and regulations.

Our main corridor trail C3 begins at the county line between Steuben and Livingston Counties.  At this point it connects with the Hill and Valley Riders Club corridor (C4) trail that continues north towards Honeoye.  Our C3 corridor then leads toward Atlanta and turns west taking riders into the town of Wayland before turning south again.  As you leave Wayland, the trail makes its way near Loon Lake and eventually ends at the junction with the Bath Sno-Flakes corridor trail C2 about 4 miles east of the village of Arkport.  We continue to work on expanding our trail system to connect additional communities in Northern Steuben County.  As additional trail are secured with land owners permission, we will update our maps and post new about expansion on this website.

This page was last updated: December 16, 2019